How To Remove Geo-Located Keywords

How To Remove Keywords from Geo-specific Rank Checking

You can remove geo-located keywords through the Rank Intelligence Keywords page. Use the "Location" filter and select the "Geo-Locations" option to view your geo-located keywords.

Additionally, you can also filter for the specific location(s) you want to remove your geo-located keywords from.


Select the "Keyword Detail" tab to view the keyword and the Geo location(s) it's being tracked for. Select the rows of the keyword and locations you would like to remove by clicking the checkbox next to the keyword. Then, use the Action dropdown box and select the "Delete Keyword + Geo Pair" to remove the keyword from being tracked for that Geo location. This process only removes the selected keyword + Geo location pair (if you have the same keyword in another location, that keyword will not be deleted).