Adobe Analytics Partner Exchange Integration

Adobe Analytics Partner Exchange Integration


For Adobe Analytics integration, this article outlines the steps needed to run through in order to grant seoClarity access to your account. Adobe eVars (Conversion Variables) are not needed for the Partner Exchange integration. In the Adobe Developer Console, you will create an Adobe Analytics project which uses service account credentials.  After configuring the service account, send the credential details of the service account to seoClarity. 


In order to complete these steps correctly, you will need to be logged into your Adobe Developer Console account and have access to the Admin section of the platform. The required steps must be configured prior to integration. 

To retrieve daily analytics data, seoClarity performs the following steps:

  1. Generates a JSON web token (JWT) using the credential details of the service account.
  1. Sends the JWT to the Adobe Analytics v2 API to obtain an access token.
  1. Retrieves Adobe Analytics v2 report data using the access token.

Create an Adobe Analytics project

1) Create a new project in Adobe Developer Console via

2) Add API to the project

3) Add Adobe Analytics to the project

4) Configure a Service Account (JWT) for server-to-server authentication

5) Generate a key pair for the service account

A '' will be downloaded automatically which contains a 'certificate_pub.crt' file and a 'private.key' file. This will need to be shared in order to access Adobe analytics data. By default, the key pair will expire one year from creation and a new key pair will need to be generated and provided to maintain the integration. 

6) Confirm the Report Suite ID name to be integrated

Once the service account is setup, we just need to verify the Report Suite ID that should be used for the integration.

Send information to seoClarity

In order to finalize the integration, please contact to send the credential details of the service account which includes

  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret
  3. Technical Account ID
  4. Organization ID
  5. Report Suite ID name that you wish to integrate
  6. Provide the 'private.key' file of the service account to seoClarity. 
    1.       The 'private.key' file allows seoClarity to generate a JSON web token (JWT) that can invoke the Adobe Analytics v2 APIs.

When the integration was completed in Adobe, this is the date from which data can begin being brought into the platform.

Adobe Analytics Integration Defaults

The Adobe Partner Exchange integration uses the Adobe API data points below by default and these can be customized to align with current SEO analytics reporting. Additional goal metrics can also be integrated if the goal name is provided. To use custom dimensions, metrics or segments in the integration, those items need to have their permissions shared along with their Adobe ID. 

  1. Page URL: variables/pageurl
  2. Search Engine Natural: variables/searchenginenatural
  3. Mobile Device Type: variables/mobiledevicetype

  1. Visits: metrics/visits
  2. Pageviews: metrics/pageviews
  3. Bounces: metrics/bounces
  4. Orders: metrics/orders (optional)
  5. Revenue: metrics/revenue (optional)

Adobe Analytics Integration Data

  1. Adobe Freeform tables used sampled data, so they will not match the full data set retrieved from this integration.
  2. Natural search data from Adobe can appear greater in Site Analytics where the search engine is unspecified.
  3. Historical analytics data can be integrated to include the previous 13 months data upon request.

How to Update the Key Pair Certificate in Adobe Analytics

When the key pair is set to expire, typically a year after creation, the certificate will need to be updated to maintain the integration. This can be be accomplished by selecting the Update Certificate and providing the new key pair to

List of Metrics

Below is an example list of Adobe metrics we can pull in for Traffic & Goal Conversions.

Conversion Metrics